The flesh of Jesus Christ is NOT from Mary


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My name is Andre Bentrup. I also use the name Benyahmin, since this was my mother's actual favorite prior to going to the hospital and forgetting the piece of paper with the list of names she had in store. Andre initially was #2, but she did not recall if it was #1 or #2, so Andre came to be my name.

I have been a christian for over 15 years and have made it my favorite activity to research christology. As such, I have found that Jesus Christ was a man of flesh and blood, completely begotten out of God himself. This makes him "God as a man" as the old testament foretold on many occasions. God became a man in the person of the Son of God. Everything of the Son was begotten out of God and there was nothing that stemmed from below. The Lord Jesus Christ said:

"I am from above, you are from below. You are of this world, I am not of this world"

(John 8:23)

I have found that the free evangelical church world is as roman catholic as the roman church itself, since it stands on their main pillars, which demonstrably stem from pagan ideas out of greek mythology. The same goes for all the other child churches of Babylon. It was an eye opening experience to allow the bible to speak for itself and to allow God to show me in the bible that all the roman catholic dogmas are false. Free Evangelicals are very shy to test them with the scriptures and open analysis is discouraged. There is a lot of darkness in the church world when it comes to the question who Jesus Christ is. The mystery label is cast over the topic which is a sign of satanic forces at work. The insecurity can be felt when the church attendees shun christians that want to cast light upon the pillar dogmas of the roman church system.

I have met Baptists, Seventh Day Adventists and other christians that confessed that Jesus Christ had 0% from Mary. They had never thought about the fact that their churches deny this wonderful truth, claiming he is a half breed of 50% marian origin. Needless to say, they shy away from further contemplation or even contact after they were brought back in line by "their pastor". A very evil game of psychology that is played, threatening  church attendees with social isolation and hellfire if the dogma of Chalcedon is not confessed. Everyone should have the chance of an open analysis and this is why I made this website. I will keep adding to the topic as there is a lot to say.

I chose the logo with "G1096 - ginomai" because that is the word used when the bible says in John 1:14 "The Word became flesh". It is a very clear verse that beyond a shadow of doubt states that God in deed became a man in the most literal sense. This was possible by conceiving a Son out of the depth of his own Spirit.


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