The flesh of Jesus Christ is NOT from Mary

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Bible Gateway (different bible versions)

Apostolic Bible Polyglot (Septuagint LXX Interlinear - Greek Old Testament)

Apostolic Bible Polyglot Search Website

Deutsche Interlinearbibel 

Interlinear Septuagint with interactive content Kata Biblon 

Brenton Septuagint Translation


Hebrew New Testament Concordance (Delitzsch Text with Old Testament references)||en


Bible hub Interlinear


Blue Letter Bible Word Search


Orthodox Jewish Tanakh with Targums and Rabbinical Commentaries and Talmudic Writings

Greek New Testament manuscript comparison


Church Father scripture index (searchable database to find how verses were quoted)

Deutsche Übersetzungen von Kirchenväterschriften

Dead Sea Scrolls english translations

Latin Vulgate with english translations


Tool to type Greek words and copy / paste for searches

Tool to type Hebrew words and copy / paste for searches

W.Kelly Translation commentary

Interlinear Quran

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